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Doge Fight Club

A collection of 6,200 unique Doge Fighters generated from 140 traits ready to confront any opponent in the octagon. Get ready for staking ($KRP), DFC Community DAO, Fighter's Corner, Investment alpha and more!

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Where it begins...

For thousands of years, Doges have lived side by side with humans as their loyal and constant companions. It’s been a comfortable kind of life for the Doges, if not a little dull. Growing bored of this sheltered experience, Doges began to communicate with each other on their outings to the dog park to start an underground organization to gain strength and independence from humans. Thus, Doge Fight Club was born. 

At the Doge Fight Club, the Doges lead double lives. The adorable Doges meet up each night to unwind from the strict training they follow at home and allow themselves to playfight. They’ve repurposed the ridiculous clothing that their owners force them to wear: collars have become champion belts, winter boots have become boxing gloves, and costumes have become gym shorts. 

The top 3 highest ranked Doges in the Fight Club are crowned and run the Doge Fight Club. Ranking is based on the number of matches the Doge Fighters win and the number of new Doge Fighter recruits they have invited to join the underground network.

Despite gaining strength and independence from their humans, the Doge Fighters face one obstacle wherein lies the fate of Doge Fight Club: The Animal Control Squad. The Animal Control Squad (ACS) is on nightly patrol threatening to shut down the octagon and other animal groups. How will the Doge Fighters save themselves and other animals from the same predicament?

Claim Your Doge Fighter

Members of the Doge Fight Club are joining the Metaverse this October.

6,200 Doge Fighters

140 Hand-drawn characteristics

Compete for Rewards

Community DAO

Staking for $KRP

Investment Alpha

Pre-launch - 6,200 Doge Fighters generated with 140 unique traits are ready to enter the Octagon fight ring.

Additional collections are currently being planned as airdrops and is on its way. Keep up with our community on Discord to be the first to learn our release, presale, and launch dates.

Phase 1
Growing the Doge FC community
Partnering with likeminded NFT experts and projects 
OG Role / Pre-sale whitelist to the most active Doge FC members
5,000 Discord community members strong 
Over $100,000 USD in giveaways
Official Doge FC NFT Presale / Public Sale
20% - We will be hosting a derivative artwork contest and curation process to support up-and-coming artists.
50%. - KnockOut Rewards Program begins!

Access to Fighter’s Corner for trading tips, research reports, investment alphas, and other trading related resources
Use Doge Fight Club NFTs as your mint pass to our future collection presales
Access to Doge Fight Club launchpad projects and pre-sale whitelists
Get exclusive Doge Fight Club merchandise
Participate in weekly giveaways and raffles draws
Name your Doge Fighter
Access to the Octagon and train your Doge Fighter.
Additional rewards will be regularly added to the Knockout Rewards Program, check back soon for more!
100% - DFC Community DAO - 50 ETH will be deposited to the community wallet for ongoing community development.
Doge Fight Club Game: Play-to-Earn Prizes!
Doge Fight Club Metaverse development begins
Selection of in-game Doge Fighters based on our OG Doge NFT collection
Gain strength from wins against the toughest opponents in the Octagon fight ring, space and beyond
Compete in game for $KRP and community prizes.
Podcast: Doge Fight Club University
Deflationary: Creation of the Octagon allowing members to combine two Doge Fighters

Community Membership Benefit

Here's what Doge Fight Club NFT owners are in for.

Doge Fight Club NFT


Coming Late October 2021

Only owners of Doge Fight Club NFT will get exclusive access to the Doge Fight Club Metaverse
Access to fun perks like auctions, virtual exhibitions, rare artist collaborations and more
PLUS, use your Doge Fight Club NFTs as your mint pass to future collection presales and partner projects
Staking for $KRP that can be used for merchandise, access to the Fighter's Corner (investment alphas) and more.
Planning on minting 2 or more? Get additional airdrops for every 2 DFC NFTs minted
Doge Fight Club NFT grants access to the exclusive DAO community and voting rights over the DAO's assets


The Doge Fight Club team consists of seven team members, each contributing to their areas of expertise in artwork design, technical development, community management and marketing. For more information please take a look at our white paper.

Elliot Ngai


Elliot is co-founder of Doge Fight Club and investor in various startups. Beyond Doge Fight Club, Elliot runs a payment software company. He brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and banking to Doge Fight Club's community.

Wister Ng


Wister is co-founder of Doge Fight Club and leader in software development. With a background in web development, DApps, molecular genetics, payments & FX , Wister brings a diverse perspective to our global development team.

May Chau


May is marketing manager of Doge Fight Club and leader of community building. A seasoned content and growth marketer, she strives to showcase Doge Fight Club to the world of passionate crypto-investors and art fanatics alike.